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The Royal City Youth Ballet Company is a unique society of young people gathered together to do what they love to do – classical ballet. These youngsters attend daily classes at their individual dance schools and meet every weekend to attend company classes and rehearse full length ballets such as NUTCRACKER, CINDERELLA and COPPELIA. Students will grow and develop through exposure to many teaching styles and through opportunities for performance. For example in 2007 the Company performed NUTCRACKER numerous times to “sold out” audiences in Abbotsford, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Surrey, Maple Ridge and Duncan. As well, over 5,000 school children attended special performances, focus on inner city school, during the day. What a better way than students teaching students!

The Royal City Youth Ballet Company is a registered Society formed in 1989. The Company bridges the gap between dance schools and professional companies. In this sense, Royal City Youth Ballet Company is the only Company of its kind in Canada! We are a non-profit organization which presents professional productions with professional choreography, costumes, sets and lighting. Performing at a high level is a dream which every dancer possesses and each deserves the opportunity.

We, the Board of Directors of the Royal City Youth Ballet Company Society, believe that by gathering together these young dedicated dancers, we are helping them prepare for life. The qualities that are enhanced in these dancers are discipline, work ethic, responsibility, maturity, co-operation in working as a team, enjoyment and an appreciation of the arts. They learn that they have a responsibility to “give something back” to their communities by sharing experiences gained and providing high quality volunteer entertainment to groups such as schools, hospitals, senior citizens’ homes, and numerous charity fund raisers. As well, our Company acts as goodwill ambassadors of culture, representing our community, province and Canada. What they bring to their chosen profession and to our society as a result of their years of training is our prime goal.

Board of Directors:
Donna Fishwick, Neil Lyons, Colleen Dixon-McMahon, Norm Godding, Susan Stocker, Laura Choroszewski & Monica Froh
Artistic Director: Camilla Fishwick-Kellogg
Executive Producer: Trisha Sinosich-Arciaga